A Few Things You Should Check in Italy

Italy is known as the land of music, art, fashion, wine, architecture, some of the best dishes in the world, a land packed with landmarks and attractions. So, it is quite difficult to decide where to travel first once you arrive there. Italy consists of twenty regions and each region is beautiful in its own unique way. What is interesting is that 2/3 of the UNESCO’s world historic and cultural heritage list can be found in Italy. Since most people don’t have time to travel and visit all the places in Italy at least not at once, we will suggest a few must-visit places.

The first one is obviously, the capital city of Italy – Rome. This city is known for the rich history marked by ups and downs and the place where the tiniest state in the world is located (Vatican). Rome is often described as a city of fashion, elegance, glamour and friendly people. Throw a coin in the Fontana di Trevi and try some pasta in the local restaurants to feel the spirit of this city.

Second, you can also check Venice, the city on the north shores of Adriatic Sea. Instead of streets you will find channels and structures built on bridges and platforms. This is definitely one of the most unique cities in Europe and in the world. Venice is also the place where one of the most famous film festivals in the world is held and you can also check the annual carnival. This city is known for the production of glass, mirrors and items made of silver, gold and leather.

Finally, Italy is home to the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea – Sicily. This island has a very unique culture and tradition much different from the things you will see in the mainland. According to many experienced travelers and historians, Sicily combines all the Mediterranean cultures in one place. You can find traces of ancient Greek, ancient Roman, Byzantine, Arab and Spanish culture as well as some Norman elements. The island is packed with natural beauties and beautiful beaches.


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